Sowing Seeds Wellness

Sowing Seeds Wellness was founded in the summer of 2021 to support the adjustment to life during the global COVID pandemic.

Supinda is a certified birth doula, yoga teacher and Thai massage therapist. Her work is rooted in her upbringing as a Buddhist and daughter of immigrant parents from Thailand.

Supinda hopes her services bring peace, love and joy to you so you can be a positive light in your community.

Sowing Seeds Wellness is committed to supporting a healthy lifestyle by offering holistic, therapeutic services that hopes to heal and integrate the mind, body and spirit.

Consent & Liability Release Form Kindly complete this form before receiving your service from Sowing Seeds Wellness or to book a service.


Community We believe a healthy community starts with each and every one of us. We strive to uplift everyone, so you can be a positive light to yourself, your family, friends and community.

Diversity We respect everyone regardless of race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical/mental abilities and religious and political beliefs.

Accessibility We aim to offer financially & physically accessible wellness services. Offerings are customized to your needs and offer a suggested sliding scale. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Environmentally Friendly Our home is Mother Earth, we are a part of her and we are committed to protecting her so she can continue to provide for us.



Thai Massage follows a specific sequence starting at 75 minutes. The massage is done fully clothed, on the ground with little to no oil/lotion, starting with a foot bath (optional). Thai Massage uses acupressure and deep stretching to move stagnant energy through the body. Additional time includes deeper stretches and are not appropriate if you have limited range of motion, mobility and/or pregnant. Suggested: $75 (for recurring clients)-$150

Couples Thai Massage Joined by seasoned Thai massage therapist Don Lombardo, receive a massage with a partner, so you can share the experience together. Suggested $200-300 per couple

Prenatal/Postnatal Thai Massage is only for expectant parents who are 36 weeks pregnant or more, this full body massage will focus on specific acupressure points to help induce labor or recover from childbrith. One massage for $100 or three massages for $250

Herbal Steam Bath This 15-20 minute stand alone or post-massage or post-partum/menstruation treatment opens up pores to help rejuvenate the body. Suggested: $25-50


Private Yoga One-on-one customized yoga class. Suggested: $25-75

Group Yoga (2+ people) Get together with your significant other or friends for an energetic and/or relaxing yoga class. Suggested: $15-20 per person

Pre/Postnatal Yoga For new and soon-to-be parents. Suggested rate as above.

Partner Prenatal Yoga This 2 hour session helps soon-to-be parents connect and learn how to support each other during childbirth and parenthood. Suggested $50-150

Kids Yoga (2+ kids) Age appropriate yoga to support body awareness and mindfulness. Suggested: $10-20 per child

*Our goal is to provide a holistic, therapeutic experience to mind, body and spirit. However, by participating in these activities, you do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury.

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