I’ve been exploring hatha yoga ever since a friend invited me to my first yoga class at Jivamukti in NYC in 2010. My yoga practice has helped me find balance and clarity between my internal and external environment by providing a safe space for investigation and intention setting, leading to a deeper sense of strength, stability and serenity.

After a successful 15 year career in the nonprofit sector and higher education, I found my calling in supporting growing families by becoming a birth doula. I found myself integrating my yoga practice into my doula services, which led me to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Breathe for Change and a 100-hour prenatal yoga teacher training with Lotus Blossom. You can view my resume and credentials HERE.

I’m dedicated to helping both novices and long-time practitioners of mindfulness practices, (re)discover their capacity to rise up, find balance and overcome daily life challenges or life changing events such as childbirth.


Register for New Moon Manifestation Workshop HERE. Details will be emailed a week before the new moon workshop. The workshop will take place in Twentynine Palms and is an outdoor, socially distanced workshop.

Live Online Classes Via Zoom ID#510-775-2343 (Email for passcode.)
Donations appreciated: Venmo @DoulaSupinda or PayPal
Movement + Meditation (Gentle Flow): Monday 6-7:15pm
One Hour Express Flow: Wednesday 5-6pm and Saturday 9-10am
Pre/postnatal Yoga: Wednesday 6-7pm

Prenatal Yoga Packages
Surcharge of $25-35 for travel outside of the Morongo Basin.

Private Prenatal Packages
Practice yoga in the privacy of your home or comfortable yoga studio in Joshua Tree. Each session starts with a check in to address any questions and concerns followed by a personalized yoga practice to help prepare your mind, body and spirit for childbirth.
One 1-hour session: $75, Five 1-hour sessions: $300
One 1-hour group session with at least 4 people: $15 per person, Five 1-hour group session with at least 4 people: $60 per person

Babymoon Packages
Practice yoga with your partner in the privacy of your home or vacation rental or at a comfortable yoga studio in Joshua Tree. Each session starts with a check in to address any questions and concerns followed by a personalized yoga practice that includes both solo and partner poses to help prepare your mind, body and spirit for childbirth.
One 1.5-hour session: $100 ($5 off for each additional session)
One 2-hour partner prenatal yoga session: $175 (includes childbirth preparation, comfort measures and meditation)
One 1.5-hour session and one 2-hour partner prenatal yoga session: $250

Evidence-based Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

  • Reduce stress, depression and anxiety
  • Lessen pain during and after labor
  • Increase immune system function
  • Prevent excessive weight gain
  • Shorten duration of labor
  • Decreased rates of inductions and cesareans

Guest trainer at prenatal teacher training in Joshua Tree, CA



“Supinda has a calm confidence that makes people feel at ease. After a labor and delivery (C-Section) I wasn’t expecting, I was in need of some emotional and physical healing. Some of this healing happened while attending Supinda’s post natal yoga classes. I felt heard and accepted when she asked how I was doing at the start of every class. Participants were given a chance to discuss some of their parenting challenges, and Supinda listened, validating our feelings. I am so grateful for the support she provided during a very emotional time.” -Catherine G.

“Supinda’s prenatal yoga classes and the prenatal class for couples helped me build up confidence for delivery and helped my partner learn techniques to support me during labor, including practicing communication around what touch felt good. I actually think the classes helped me have a vaginal delivery after a long labor, for which I am grateful.” – Toby L.

It was interesting to be doing physical therapy and yoga at the same time, they fed off each other and I would go as far as to say that if you practice Yoga you will never need PT. As a longtime runner, I was always skeptical of what yoga could do for me, it just seemed like an unnecessary distraction from training. Supinda changed my mind with her advocacy and with her classes, which are perfect for practitioners of any ability level, but especially for novices fighting advancing age, loss of flexibility and ever-creakier joints. Naggy little musculoskeletal issues that I thought I would just have to live with forever are now gone thanks to yoga practice inspired and taught by Supinda. I think anyone of any age would benefit from Supinda’s yoga practice and teaching.” -John D., US Army, Retired

“My husband and I have been going to Supinda’s yoga classes and she has been amazing!  She has a very calming voice and her classes have helped my body relax, be more flexible, and be stronger.  Supinda makes yoga fun and inspires me to take care of myself through her techniques. She has a special touch and pays attention to every participant in the class and tailors it to each person’s needs.  I look forward to her classes and always feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually when I am done with her class.  Namaste to you Supinda!” -Joyce Y., Gym Member